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Volume: 10 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Wimpy Af
On Rochester

Samantha Bares

Wiley Birkhofer
Monterey Sky Garden
No More Good Stuff No More Bad Stuff

Ryan Bollenbach
Dear Irreconcilable,

Laura Buccieri
Because You Matter Because You're Worth It Because You're Not Alone Because Only I'm Here Because There's Nothing Here Because No One Is HomeBecausee I'm Not Lonely Because I Should Be
I've Untagged Myself from More Photos Than I'd Like to Admit

Dorothy Chan
All the Good Drag Names Are Taken
Ode to Aphrodite
Ode to Sexiness
Triple Sonnet for Autoerotica

Freya Gibbon
The World

Eve Kenneally
He's Talking Right at You
Rehearsal Loop
Cigarette Girl Sonnet

Tessa Kennedy
We Took a Holiday Road Trip Through Your Deathbed

Seth Kleinschmidt
Wood Violet, Self Pity, Saint Rose

Peter Leight
Quilt Sticks Out Like the First Maple Turning While Innocence Is an Evergreen
Mickey Reflects on the Beauty of Animation

Jeremiah Moriarty
To Bury a Horse

Dusty Neu
from Idiots
from Idiots
from Idiots
from Idiots

Bill Neumire
Too Young to Understand, She Asks Us What Happens When Someone Dies

Asdrubal Quintero
Exemplar Child

Steffan Triplett
Slumber Party
Rubber Days

Lucy Wainger
Stone Soup

C. L. White
The Bucket
Discontinuation Symptoms

Joshua Young
The Moon in the House Is Made of Paper
Owl Tattoo

Jaime Zuckerman
Not a Love Poem
My Best Disaster

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Lucy Wainger
Stone Soup