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Volume: 9 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Travis Brown
Christina's World
Winter 1946

Kristin Chang
Outcall #

Taylor Collier
Hope, Despair, & Some Sense of Knowledge Courtesy of Eurekaalert! & Science Daily
The Soul

Sarah Rose Etter
Evaporation Field

Alban Fischer
Myoclonic Jerk

Aidan Forster
Prom Song II: Hollywood
Landscape with Horse and Two Boys Kissing

Sierra Jacob
Environmental Elegy
Environmental Elegy

Meridian Johnson
Going Away But Not Running Away
Early Nature Shows
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
The Thompson's Gazelle

Alyse Knorr

Devon J. Moore
Two Days (or Pallbearers and Dandelions)

Maggie Queeney
The Death

Chad Reynolds

Sam Thayn
The Artists
[The Secret Room]

Leia Penina Wilson
[All My Goats Are Dead]

Poets of Interest in this issue: