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The Boiler
Volume: 30 | Year: 2019

Table of Contents:

Threa Almontaser
Ablution with Zem Zem Water

Julia C. Alter
Opening Track for Sertraline

Bruce Bond

Rebecca Bornstein
The Week That I Was Pregnant

Jody Chan
self-portrait after panic attack

Rachel Cruea
Daytimme Is a Window You Buy Curtains For

Jennifer Funk
August Song of Light

Elisa Gonzalez
Three Encounters with No One

Rachel Hinton
Weak Tree

Natalie Homer
Interior Architecture

Karah Kemmerly
once I had a body, but I buried it

You Li
Because of Ghosts

Nathan Lipps
Harvesting Entropy

Aza Pace
Definition in the Woods
Praise to the Nightjar

Jeremy Radin
A Word

Shannon Sankey
We Ran Rapturous
Locus Amoenus

Jennifer Sperry Steinorth
Lines Writ on the Backside of a Dozer Invoice

Janelle Tan

Kevin West
Everything You've Been Told About [Being a Partner] Is a Lie

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond