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The Boiler
Volume: 32 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

John Manuel Arias
Villaintina Answers an Open Casting Call for Los Espookys on HBO
Villaintina & Marco fromm Animorphs Walk into a Bar

Roseanna Alice Boswell
Super Moon

Dorothy Chan
Triple Sonnet and Three Cheers of White Russians
Triple Sonnet for Charging Admission
Triple Sonnet for Losing My Virginity Again

Caroline Chavatel
Restriction Is the Name I Give the Mouth I Want to Open
New Money

Satya Dash
Diwali Sonnets

Jose Hernandez Diaz
Ballad of the Westcoast Mexican-American/Chicanx

Alexa Doran
For My Son Who Asks Why

Sara Elkamel
Search & Rescue
White Desert

Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
The Most Glorious Birds

Patrycja Humienik
at a monastery 75 miles north of santa fe
I don't know how to leave

Lindsay Illich
Things I Like in Poems
Due Date, February 12

Nanya Jhingran
Let's Say That Unkindness, Too,

Mackenzie Kozak
prayer without crescent-shape
when my love is not a subcontinent

Rebecca Macijeski
How We Got Here
Virgil Sees the End of the World

Kevin Madrigal

Cassidy McFadzean
Whiching Our

Zackary Medlin

Emilie Menzel
I Pull My Leaf Leg Stockings Off My Body

Matt Mitchell
when warren zevon appeared on the letterman show in 2002, he knew he wasa going to die soon
the ides of march

Jessica Murray
Box May Contain Some of All of the Following Items

Megan Neville
Rotational Fall

Cecilia Savala

Kim Sousa

Dujie Tahat
Balikbayan for My Step-Sister for the First & Only Time We Met

Kelly Grace Thomas
Grammar of Apology
The Long Commute

Stephanie Valente
Small Sapphires
Crystal Chandelier

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Mackenzie Kozak
prayer without crescent-shape; when my love is not a subcontinent