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The Boiler
Volume: 29 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Graham Barnhart

Bailey Cohen
Have I Ever Been Wicked?

Dorsey Craft
Willie Lee's Woman Speaaks

Michelle Donahue
Dozens of Birds Fall from the Sky

Khaleel Gheba
Against Itself
Photograph of Man, Vomiting

Samuel Merriman Gilpin
The Smell of Fumes

Brandie Gray
When the Heart Shrinks
Madonna & Child, Revisited

Heather Hamilton
Body Politic
Pantoum for Memorable Years

Rage Hezekiah
Siam Delight

J. Bailey Hutchinson
J. Bailey Huthinson Takes Plan B in Marseille
Ponytail Ode
Fox Song

Denise Jarrott
Gold Book

Michael Marberry
Super Mario Bros.

Philip Schaefer
How to Lick a Knife
Dear BJ
Buying the Farm

Dashaun Washington

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Philip Schaefer
How to Lick a Knife; Dear BJ; Buying the Farm