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The Boiler
Volume: 27 | Year: 2018

Table of Contents:

Jessica Abughattas
Anthem with Emerald and Gold
Dark Rooms

Lindsay Remee Ahl
In Full Light

Dana Alsamsam
Falling Asleep After You
Is that Sappho you're reading?

Amanda Bales
The Gods Who Made Us

Steve Bellin-Oka
Essay on Powerlessness
Unfinished Stained Glass Window

Jennifer Jackson Berry
A Co-Worker Says He Doesn't bother Hitting the Cat When It's Bad Because She's Too Fat to Feel It
Holy Tits, 8/12/1997
During the Night, After the Day I Finally Saw Red Flags

Katie Berta
A Body Is a Thing You Have

Brenna M. Casey
thickly settled: a poem begun in august
long distance valedictions

Nicole Connolly
DX: Foredoomed

Todd Dillard
Interview with an Addict's Son

Erika Goodrich
Contemplating Event Horizon on the Winter Solstice in Florida Twenty Years After My Mother Was Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
If Not the Body, Then

Nora Hickey
American Crush
21st Century Lawn

Krysten Hill
The Wounded Deer

Lisa Huffaker
Ocean, I Am Warning You
Words for a Resonant Space
Voice Lessons

Amanda Huynh
The Small-Town Man

Kelsey Ann Kerr
A Modern Tale of True Love

Kyle Lopez
Tuxedos and Cadillacs

Brandon Melendez

Jessica Morey-Collins
To Quantify Exposure
Exercises in Futility

Sara Peck
dear anne with the broken fingernails
dear anne with the broken fingernails

Maya Phillips
At the Doctor's Office

Karisma Price
Things I Should Be Ashamed of But Am Not

Ashley Roach-Freiman
Reflection on When I Heard You Were Sober
Judith Beheading Holfernes

Erin Slaughter
It's strange, the things / that make you want to live

Jess Smith

Suzannah Russ Spaar
Uses for Apples
Girls Who Are Planting

Sophia Starmack
The Grief Sweater
Miss Teacher, Miss Teacher
The Dry Boat

Danielle Weeks
Distraction by Light
Borderland Condition

Emily Paige Wilson
A Doctor Tires of Her Patient

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