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Adroit Journal
Volume: 33 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Jessica Abughattas
Riding in a Bus on the Way to Prison

Hala Alyan
When They Say Pledge Allegiance, I Say

Raymond Antrobus
Ode to Cousin John

Derrick Austin
In the Decadence of Silence

Hajjar Baban
Love Installs--Limitations

Jamaica Baldwin
Back in the Day

Stephanie Chang
The Way to a Chinese Daughter's Heart

Melissa Crowe
Poet Loves Hunter Though She'll Eat No Meat

Prairie Dalton
Welcome Home

Steven Dawson
Salvation Sonnet
What I Hate Most About Mom

Todd Dillard

Isabella Escamilla
The Perfect Fruit

Helli Fang
ABC Haibun

Joseph Fasano
The Lions of Orange County

Taylor Garrison
A Brief History of Nuclear Physics

Jenny George
Black Butterflies
The Kindness of Death

Cynthia X Hua
Send Flowers
The World

Eileen Huang
Ode to Tilda Swinton, Ending with Empty Gut

George Jensen
Windeby I

W. Todd Kaneko

Lily Lauver
O Fortune!

James Longenbach
Two People

Max McDonough
Python with a Dog Inside It

James McKenna
Syrinx, Riverside

Anika Potluri
Sour Cherry Jam

Miyah Powe

Grace Pursel
Rewrite Your Memories so Snow Deosn't Fall Soundless

David Roderick
Morning Song
Greenpeace Dad Bod

Arthur Sze

Brian Tierney

Kara Van de Graaf
Alopecia Sestina

Anu Vitasta
National Holiday and a Parade

Marcus Wicker
In the Winter of My Inaugural Anxiety

Heath Wooten

Mark Wunderlich
Chateau on an Island in a Lake

Poets of Interest in this issue:

James Longenbach
Two People


Arthur Sze