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Adroit Journal
Volume: 32 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Garous Abdolmalekian
Long Poem of Loneliness

Erin Adair-Hodges
Black Thumb
The End of September

Kim Addonizio

Bryan Byrdlong
Still Life: Roses in a Makeshift Vase

Imani Davis
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
FYI, The Moon Is a Femme Top

Chelsea B. DesAutels
Broken Portrait

Steven Duong
Diary of Lost Things, Entry #59: Ba's Jacket
Extinction Event #6 at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Sonnet, Laser-Engraved on the 30-Round Magazine of a Colt AR-15 Purchased at Brownell's Inc. in Grinnell, Iowa, 2019
Ode to Future Hendrix in the Year of the Goat

Sara Elkamel
Buried at Sea
Sight Lines
Migrant of Love

William Fargason
A Silverfish in the Childhood

John Freeman
The Sacrifice
Somewhere You Are Sleeping

Matthew Gellman
Trying to Grow
Little Brother
Watching the Heron

Amanda Gunn
39 Objects at the Smithsonian

Lisa Beech Hartz
Milkweed, Lee Krasner, 1955
Image Surfacing, Lee Krasner, 1945-46

Joanna Klink
Statue from Antiquity
Evenings and Days
You Are Not Summer

Ae Hee Lee
Bonsung-A :: Impatient Balsam
Madrugada :: Small Hours

Jacob Lindberg
Night Swim
I Wrapped the Animals I Skinned Around Your Hands and Neck
What Stays in the Lake
Mom Hangs Dad's Paintings in the House

Zach Linge
Fingers on a Gay Man
Conversion Therapy

Emily Luan
Locus Amoenus with Migrating Deer

James Richardson
Not a Bird
Not an Artichoke

Matthew Rohrer
I Only Smoke Cigarettes on Your Rotation
If You Eat This Cookie I Won't Let You in to Paradise

Sahar Romani
Hum Jins
In the Basin of Another Country

Seth Simons
The New Life

Peter Streckfus
Little Songs

Gabriella Tallmadge
Marriage a Pair of Wild Dogs
The Animal Afterward
How Woman Inherits the Earth

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Chelsea B. DesAutels
Mythology; Broken Portrait


William Fargason
River; A Silverfish in the Childhood


Joanna Klink
Statue from Antiquity; Evenings and Days; You Are Not Summer


Matthew Rohrer
I Only Smoke Cigarettes on Your Rotation; If You Eat This Cookie I Won't Let You in to Paradise