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Anti-Heroin Chic
Volume: 16 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Millicent Borges Accardi
Broken Pieces
Inside me Waiting a Long Time

Adam Ai
Baptism by Name

Joe Amaral

Yelaina Anton
I Dreamt of You in Shades of Charcoal
Rat chicken

Ashley Bullen-Cutting
Autumn?s Vacuum

Cheryl Caesar
Why not

Laura Carter
The World Is Everything That Is the Fall

Alan Cohen
Field Theory
Being Sure

Mark Danowsky
Sometimes it would be nice to speak to you in titles
Apology Tour

Matt Dennison
The 29

R. C. deWinter

Anesce Dremen
Washing the Past

Roy Duffield
who set me free

CD Eskilson
Self-Portrait with Werewolf 1
The Shape of Water

Paul Ferrell
The Balcony

Janet Fichter
Who I Have Always Been

Valerie Frost
Captain Stockholm?s Hook
On Ambiguous Grief

Krista Lee Frost
While I'm in the Body That I Am
Let Today Not Be the Day
Change of Hands

Christopher T. George
The Naming of Parts
The Day the Egrets Came Calling

Tony Gloeggler
John and The Teenage Couple

Bethany Goodwill
let the blood tell it
You load the gun

Robert Hamilton
Hic et ubique
Desert Modern

Brigid Hannon

Bill Howell
Local Illumination

Lucy Hurst
Notes on Love
Notes on Hopelessness
Notes at Sea

Tina Isom-Carey

Montana Leigh Jackson
the moral of the story is that you get to have one

Tim Kahl
Pink and Blue Hallelujahs
Fig Leaves
A Noxious Gas

Erika Kamlert

Rob Kaniuk
Covers If I were on Wheel of Fortune
I realize you?ve never told me if your brother is still alive
note to a lonely man

Kathleen Klassen
7, by the Side of the Road

Yessica Klein
I Am Part Of The Universe & The Universe Is Part Of Me

Paul Kohn
In the Room Where I Belong

Max, Carrie?s Mother, [No Wonder]
Final Journey: Leaving the Tenement

Tessa Livingstone
How to Clean Your Hunting Knife
The Forest Speaks for Itself

Sarah Loverock
River Gods

Jacquelynn Lyon
You Can Put It Down Now

Betsy Mars
Alcohol or XanaxTM

Bruce McRae
In And Of
The Mystery Man
Disappearing Act

Karla Linn Merrifield
Sestina for the Guitarslinger
The Metric I Use Is Knopfler?s ?61 Strat

Mark Mitchell
Weeknight Song

Erin Mizrahi
Planting language in the sand
The Apartment

Sanika Nalgirkar

Kaye Nash
Mrs. Bentley is Still Here
Dreams of Summer Rain

Anna Nunan
Night Sneaking
Living Anyway
Purse Relics

Nadia Perrotta
Blank Confinement

Isabella Piacentino
The Library Aisle on Women in Art

Sofija Podvisocka
how to be fleeting, and how to regret it
the slug

Nathan Porceng
"Redemption Song" as performed by Joe Strummer

Tina Privitera-Reynolds
Quiet Wisdom

Shalini Rana
Eighth Grade Affliction
For A

Michelle Reale

Rickey Rivers, Jr.
Bed Sweats

Jeannie E. Roberts
Song Sparrow

Elana Rubin
Vigil for Kayla
An Intellectual at a Frat Party

Carla Sarett
Severed Hand

Michael Schmeltzer
Kindness as a Kind of Weapon
To the Flawless Members of the Tribunal

Rachel Small
maternal language
The Canadian Death Undercarriage (and True Crime)

James Thurgood
on the envelope

Jim Trainer
Another Day Out

Clara Trippe
All of Our Recoveries

Chris Vola
morningside height
told me to take a picture of it

Alan Walowitz
Dancing to Xanax

C. L. Warrington

Scott Wiggerman

Rodney Wilder
On Korn's video for Falling Away from Me & the tears

Martin Willitts, Jr.
How to Survive

Annick Yerem

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