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Southern Review
Volume: 56.3 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Christopher Bakken
Theology on Ikaria

Wendy Barker

Eavan Boland
How We Were Transfigured
The Just Use of Figures

Raphael Dagold
My Brother & I Delay Our Sleep

Jehanne Dubrow
Norfolk, Virginia

Jessica Goodfellow
Three Landscapes

Barbara Hamby
Ode to the Last Peach of Summer
Ode on Being Backward and Inside Out and in a Wreck with Myself

Rodger Kamenetz

Nick Lantz
I Feel Like a Million $

Sjohnna Bruce McCray
The Way to a Man?s Heart

Elisabeth Murawski
Longfellow?s Envelope

Miho Nonako

Jacqueline Osherow
III. Notes from the Exhibit Streams and Mountains without End
VII. Propaganda Museum, Shanghai; XIV. Marco Polo in the Temple of Heaven

Catherine Pierce
Please Let It Be Aliens

Christine Rhein
Like a Secret

Martha Serpas
Flat Water
Original Sleep

Tom Sleigh
At Yeats?s Tower
In Which a Man Plays Debussy for a Blind Eighty-Four-Year-Old Female Elephant

John Warner Smith

David Starkey
Homemade Ice Cream

Sergio Mansilla Torres
[Summer day, toward the end of February]
[You say you are my oldest son?]

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Eavan Boland
Margin; Scribe; How We Were Transfigured; The Just Use of Figures


Nick Lantz
I Feel Like a Million $


Catherine Pierce
If/When; Please Let It Be Aliens


Martha Serpas
Flat Water; Original Sleep