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Brooklyn Rail
Volume: 2020.11 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Taqi al-Din 'Ali ibn al-Maghribi
Muwashshaha Qalandariyya

Sara Larsen
horrors our heart thru cigarette smoke on IUD
unfuckable revenue streams is that what you want??
I kill the deer it gleams as prayer disappears
there will be nothing here
[I didn't]
[brains, balm & dew]

Joseph Lease
Riding Death

Aditi Machado
"Herewith the Prologue:"

Albert Mobilio
Guide for the Discouraged

Maureen Owen
airplane crash near the doll's head
billionaires don't care if we like them or that boy that her mouth made a sound like a siren way off in the distance
I became her human pack mule preaparation for a walk around the lake the park the block
occasionally among the starry bedclothes flurries shifting Minnesota fence lines
ruby my back rub my toes rub my forehead caregiver's log Saturday 8.17.19
She had worked as a Timmekeeper for the Titan I & Titan II missiles a woman never allowed in the underground silo office
there are four pillows w/cases a white one 2 pinkish mauve one a dark navy w/2 thin red satin ribbons sewn near the bottomm opening or she "what cell am I in? I'm in jail!"
tu da lu Buckeroo a dust-up
With company she's engaged no need of oxygen delighted in conversation She navigates the stairs & eats without complaint

Michael Rothenberg
The Contrarian
Separate Landing
Algorithm for the Dead

Edwin Torres
How to Breathe Underwater: The Pandemician's Reprisal

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Joseph Lease
Riding Death


Aditi Machado
"Herewith the Prologue:"