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Notre Dame Review
Volume: 49 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

O-Jeremiah Agbaakin
euphemism // or the land of babel

Fred Arroyo
The Dream Life
Rock God

Ned Balbo
A Line of Laughing Gulls
A Fluke, a Borrowed Life

Daniel Barnum

Christian J. Buckley
the Palest Boy: Parturition

Jona Colson
Ode to the Tidal Fields

Steven Cordova
Morning After

Robin Gow
bubble wrap

Jonathan Greenhause
Upon the watchtower

Michael Hurley
Different Wires

Daniel Lassell
The Lives of Chickens

Katie Lehman
Bon Secours
American History Primer
Night Eye
Piano Lesson

Elline Lipkin
Two Braids

Eros Livieratos
Time & Place
The Forms & Self

Peter Marcus
For Bearing

Sherrel McLafferty
My Mulatto Complex

Devon Miller-Duggan

Stanley Moss
Pub Crawl

Matthew Murrey
Sea Stars

Brittany Nguyen
mother's fable
our pride

John A. Nieves
Camp Elegy

Kathleen O'Toole
Insects are vanishing from our lives

Derek Otsuji
Hawaiian Girl with Gecko

Tom Paine
Where is my Cyanometer?

Suphil Lee Park
Song of No Trust
Compatriot Ballad

Nome Emeka Patrick
The Origin of Blood

Allan Peterson

Lior Quessus
In Search of Your Lost Psyche

Anum Sattar
Bandariya Ka Tamasha

Ravi Shankar
From La Tour Eiffel's Tinder Profile
Jhero's Garden, A Modern Retelling
Laloo, the Handsome, Healthy, Happy Hindoo

Pablo Pinero Stillmann
The Meadow

Ed Taylor
Audition: Modern Dress Hamlet

Susan Terris
Cave Shadows

Heather Treseler
Birth of Venus

Cesar Vallejo
Trilce 33
Trilce 55
Trilce 64

Hannah Warren

Sasha West
The Uncanny Valley of the World

Tony Whedon
Blue Ray

Nicholas Yingling
Naming It

Tao Yuanming
Elegy for Myself

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Allan Peterson