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Potomac Review
Volume: 67 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

A. J. Berasaluce
Lift, Lift, Lift

Charlie Clark
Devil's Kissing Cousin
Devil's Quarterly Report

Todd Copeland
Before Photo

Holly Day

Emma DePanise
Aerodramus Ledge

Aiden Heung
Garden Lane

AE Hines
Hike to Warrior Point, Sauvie Island, Oregon

Korey Hurni

J. M. Jordan
The Dispossessed

Cathy Ann Kodra
Pound of Flesh

Guillermo Lanza
Planning the Day in Bryant Park

Evalyn Lee
Fireworks Are Painting with Fear

Sonnet Mondal
Pandemic Symphony
The Namless Man
The Answer

Elisabeth Murawski
Love Song to a Tree in Chicago
Delphic Healing Exercise: Know Thyself

Bonnie Naradzay
Birmingham Diptych
Crows on Bird Walk

Linda Parsons

Isaac Rankin
Friday Night Lights
My Refugees

David Salner
The Celebration

Martin Shapiro
You Could Have Scared Us Away
For Toby

Beth Suter
To Write a Poem on Witnessing Violence
Pieces of the Unbreakable

Cash Myron Toklas
Traces of Epimetheus

Gabriel Welsch
Disturbed Earth

John Sibley Williams
(Almost) Fratricide
Exit Interview

Poets of Interest in this issue: