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Volume: 175.4 | Year: 2000

Table of Contents:

Curt Anderson
Platonic Love

Renee Ashley

Julianna Baggott
How It Begins

Robert Bly
What Kept Horace Alive
The Night Abraham Called to the Stars

Neal Bowers
Good Intentions

Fleda Brown
Industrial Teflon Comes into Domestic Use

Nancy Naomi Carlson
Complications of the Heart

Justine Cook
I, Orfeo

Stephen Cushman
Sea Glass for a Second Son

Maudelle Driskell
The Heart's Archaeology

Stephen Dunn

Jeffrey Harrison
Operation Teddy Bear

Jennifer Michael Hecht

Mark Jarman
Butterflies Under Persimmon

James Kimbrell
Blackberry Winter

Kevin McFadden

Gary Metras
The Engagement

F. D. Reeve
Still Life

Charlie Smith
Schubert in Florida
Basic Black
Moon, Moon

Shannon M. Smith
Scotland, My Mother and the Cordon Bleu

Barry Spacks
Ah La

Dolores Stewart
Look for Me

Joyce Sutphen
The Problem Was

Diane Thiel
Love Letters

Catherine Tufariello
February 18, 1943

Connie Wanek

Ronald Wardall
Lighting Out for the Territory

Michele Wolf
Pocono Lakeside

C. Dale Young
Sotto Voce

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephen Dunn