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Volume: 176.6 | Year: 2000

Table of Contents:

Matthew Brenneman
Marco Polo at Finisterre
Fragment from Rome

Suzanne Buffam
Dear Future,

Turner Cassity
The Metrist at the Operatta
Exclusions Not of Rhyme

Tom Disch
Color in American History: An Essay

Stephen Dunn

Sandra Gilbert
What Extends

James Kimbrell
To Keats in October

Philip Levine
Call It Music
1, 1, 2000
The Street With No Shop on the Corner

Gerard Malanga
The Nassau Lop Is No Longer Running

Patrick Martin
Armistice Day, 1970

Brent Pallas
A Ruptured Eardrum

David Ricks
Cantata for Anton Webern

Lisa Rosenberg

Charlie Smith
Planting Morning Glories in October

Roberta Spear
The Kiss
A Simple Question

Michael Steffen
The Veggie Life

Judith Strasser
The Rails, Removed

Leslie Ullman
Poem to My Animal Self

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Suzanne Buffam
Dear Future,


Stephen Dunn
Emperors; Chokecherry


Philip Levine
Call It Music; 1, 1, 2000; Storms; The Street With No Shop on the Corner