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The Boiler
Volume: 33 | Year: 2021

Table of Contents:

Sean Cho A.
According To

Despy Boutris
Emotional Check-In with Disassociation

TR Brady
not pictured
[[wobble twilight, river landing

Monica Gomery

Chelsea Harlan
Sonnet Near Zyzzyx
I Have Yet More Esotericism to Share

Gabrielle Hogan
Where Will You Go Now?

Anthony Thomas Lombardi
dirge for the last night of Eric Dolphy's life, in two movements
the night of Dexter Gordon's comeback

Irene Mathieu
haibun in the year of return
there are days
the forest fire of family trees

Rita Mookerjee
Elegy in August Town
Lesson from the Oracle Who Had Seen Too Much

Olivia Muenz
entertainment from the sickbeds is all static
Famliy Vacation

Dustin Pearson
A Difference
A Scheme
Souls Side by Side

Ricky Ray
A Walk in the Woods

Jacob Saenz
Sisters at Work
Half the Battle
Sade Cento

Jaz Sufi
The Other Kids Use Their Hands

Fargo Tbakhi
Indictment Film

Ross White
Tender Offer

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Dustin Pearson
A Difference; A Scheme; Souls Side by Side