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diode poetry
Volume: 14.1 | Year: 2021

Table of Contents:

Brandon Amico
Some Organisms Can Survive the Vacuum and Radiation of Outer Space
The Gravity Between Two Objects is Proportional to Their Masses and Inversely Proportional to the Distance Between Them

Anne Barngrover
All Your Gods Are Gaslighters

Deborah Brown
Elegy on the Rusty Truck Trail

Annie Cao
Fire Horse
Rabbit Girl

Stephanie Cawley
A Haunting

Emma Chan
daughter measures time by how mcuh spice she can hold
self-portrait as a met museum pigeon

Spencer Chang
Ghost Stories (III)
Dress / Skin

Hyunjin Cheo
Twelve Ways of Looking at Time

Nicole Cooley
In Mourning

Nandini Dhar

Jose Hernandez Diaz
The City Is Dead Without Your Pirouette of a Smile
The Lilac Wind

Chelsea Dingman
Oculum Pro Oculo

Nancy Eimers
Woodland Camo, or "What Kind of Bullsh*t Is This!?' Retired General Who Led Katrina Response GOES OFF on Trump's Militarized Portland Crackdown"

Roselyn Elliott
Flowers and War

Jessica Goodfellow
Of the Eleven Faces of Mercy I Know Six

Amanda Gunn
Is It OK

Shadab Zeest Hashmi
To the Poet whose Body was Never Found
Qasida of Fire in Fingertips
Qasida of Ghosts Fighting Back
Qasida of Solea
Qasida of Sketching
Qasida of the Dreamer's Grove

Brionne Janae
As Passed from Auntie ot Auntie to You
When Spite is the Only Thing That Feeds You

Kaylee Jeong
Second Date

Elisa Karbin
On Transcending
The Fox Sisters Orchard

Elane Kim
Recipe for Motherhood
In the Good Years

Jessica Kim

Alyse Knorr
WOLF TOURS: Hunting Lesson

Fatima Malik
Triple Sonnet with Flowers

Angela Mao
On Ai Weiwei's "Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn"

Jenny Molberg
The Honorable Answer Speaks
The Victims' Attorney: Opening Statement

Jed Munson
Ambient Noise in Sharp Relief

Alexis Orgera
from The Book of Other

Theri Pickens
Corpse Posee

Donald Platt
Inscription Rock

Daniel Ruiz
My Process
Skyward Guillotine

Lauren Shapiro

Katerina Stoykova
To the Foreign Woman Who Called Her Daughter, "Ckothha" for Untying Her Shoes in the Post Office, Beaumont Branch, Lexington, KY, 4/18/2013
It's a Great Day to Burn, the Man Said

D. S. Waldman
Ars Poetica

Yun Wang
Five Poems by Li Bai

Topaz Winters
That Summer I Wrote the Same Poem Over & Over

Emily Yin
What Mothers Know
I Wish I Could Shake off My Sadness

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Stephanie Cawley
Life-Size; A Haunting