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Michigan Quarerly Review
Volume: 59.2 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

David Baker
The Loneliness of Animals
The Bathers at Nerja
So Far

John-Michael Bloomquist
The Marriage of the Sea Ceremony

Aaron Brown
Beqaa Valley, Lebanon

Sarah Carson
90 Miles Southeast of Flint, Michigan, Elizabeth Wrren Asks What Good It Is to Run for President Just to Talk About the Things You Can't Do

Sara Elkamel
Mythical Flood

Ayokunle Falomo
Middle of the Earth

William Fargason

Gaby Garcia
Abuela Takes a Bath Post-Coup

Reginald Gibbons
Carla, 1961

Brooks Haxton
to the Water Bear

Fady Joudah

Jen Karetnick
I commiserate with the Pygmy Octopus Found in the Miami Beach Parking Garage

Yasser Khanjer
A Cloud in Summer

Anna Belen Lopez
"Swimming in the Midst of Asphalt?"

Farah Marklevitz
How Deep

Emilie Menzel
I Spoke of a Home

Aimee Noel
Hierarchy of Fish

Cindy Juyoung Ok
Composition of a Raft

Romeo Oriogun
Naboda: A River Poem

Antonia Pozzi
Alpine Water

Margaret Ray
Getting Your Period at the Water Park

Richard Robbins

Laura Romeyn
Making the Location of the Water Line

Richard Stimac
Calument Springs, Illinois

Jon Swan
The Glacier
Brittenburg: A Sea-Level Tale

Sean J. White
The Millpond

Maw Shein Win
Water Space

Yu Xiang
Horizon, 2011

Poets of Interest in this issue:

William Fargason


Reginald Gibbons
Carla, 1961


Fady Joudah