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The Night Heron Barks
Volume: 2021.1 | Year: 2021

Table of Contents:

Gale Acuff
I Love God and Jesus, therefore I'll be
When I die I go to Heaven or Hell

Anthony Aguero
O These Titles We Inherit

Susan Aizenberg
only here, only now

Cynthia Atkins

Joe Babcock
Before the Next Day

Alison J. Barton

Tuhin Bhowal
Incarnation of the Now

Sally Bliumis-Dunn
Kitchen Visit

Carole Bromley

Theresa Burns
To the Professor I Lived With, Whom My Mother Called Svengali
Twenty-third Winter

Robert Carr
Close to Hunger

Marina Carreira
Dead Things and Where to Put Them

Mark Anthony Cayanan
As Aschenbach

Susan Michele Coronel

Gillian Cummings
To Forge, to Forget
If I Caused a Stillness

David Curry

Sheila Dong

Kari Ann Ebert
Poem Ending in the Title of a Frank Bidart Poem

Lupita Eyde-Tucker
Self Portrait with North Wind

Sonya Gildea
Leitermacaward Co. Donegal

Jessica Goodfellow
Eudora's Year

SK Grout
hoping to keep upright

Rhienna Renee Guedry

Pamela Hart
Sing I Let

Darla Himeless
In the Middle Of

James Hoch

Stephanie Jean
Measures of Worth

Luke Johnson
Move in the world, my daughter

Michael (MJ) Jones
Touch Me Not

Martha Jackson Kaplan
Ice Says Jump

Ted Kooser
As if in Pencil, on a Winter Sky

Hillary Leftwich
Watch the Burn
Lamb Mouth

Kelina Lobo

Christopher Locke

Megan McDermott
Double Portion

Matt W. Miller
Wonder Woman '84

Robert Okaji
Koan of Shivers

Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo
What the Desert and the Sea Need to Know

Alison Palmer
I Wish This Was Starry Night Over Rhone

Kenneth Pearson
before dawn

Iain Haley Pollock
Is You Is, or Is You Ain't? (The Answer Becomes a Set of Further Questions)

Michael Quattrone
The Kingdom

Charles Rafferty
The Rumor of Your Mother's China

Michael Schmeltzer
Fragility Is How We Survive

Andrew Shields
Mount Pisgah

Amy Beth Sisson
Rage Baby

Noah Stetzer
Grindr 1993

Shoshana Surek
held things
from under Kiddush tables

Dawn Terpstra
letter to further isolation

Dana Trupa
When the Plums Are Scarlet

Jean Valentine
You Speak

Donna Vorreyer
Evening Prayers for the Fearful

B. J. Ward
Winter: 6 a.m. Shift: Leaving to Work

Cara Waterfall
Sitting Foxtrot with Comb

Jenny Wong
Wiping Window Sills During a Springtime Storm

Michael T. Young
Appreciating a Sonata

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Gillian Cummings
To Forge, to Forget; If I Caused a Stillness


James Hoch


Jean Valentine
You Speak