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Notre Dame Review
Volume: 50 | Year: 2020

Table of Contents:

Gavin Adair

Saima Afreen
What No One Knows About Fire

O-Jeremiah Agbaakin
euphemism // or the land of babel

Kelli Russell Agodon
What the Universe Makes of Lingerie

Sandra Alcosser
Mare Frigoris

Taylor Altman
Pale Country

Lisa Ampleman

Michael Anania
Three Italians Painted Doors

Jan Lee Ande
The Ghost of a Flea: (Tempera on mahogany with gold leaf, c. 1819)

William Archila
The Gravedigger's Archaeology

Fred Arroyo
Rock God

John Ashbery
Soeur Monique

Renee Ashley
Some Other Womean Speaks to Elpenore After His Fall from Circe's Roof

Jennifer Atkinson
First and Last

Julianna Baggott
After Eleven Days of Rain

Ned Balbo
A Line of Laughing Gulls

Mary Jo Bang

Wendy Battin
And the Two give Birth to the Myriad of Things

Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner
What Cannot Be Fixed

Sean Beld
Ars Poetica

Lana Bella
Dark Water

Robert Bense
Pavanes for 5

Richard Berengarten
Poem for Joe

Libby Bernardin

Eileen Berry
Morning of the Suk

Simeon Berry

Eavan Boland
The Harbour

Sarah Bowman
Muck Fires

Peg Boyers
Ambition of Sand

Scott Brennan
In the Fruit Cellar Workshop

Brad Buchanan
The Other Edge

Julia Budenz

Nancy Naomi Carlson
Yom Kippur

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo
Portrait and Condition

Adrian Castro
The Body at the End of the Ineffable

David Citino
From Ohio Briefs: Dad Kills Son in Hunting Accident

Patricia Corbus
Rushing Heaven

Alfred Corn
Haning Out to Dry

Sharon Cournoyer
Two Homings

Robert Crawford

Silvia Curbelo

Catherine Daly
Six White Horses

Page Dougherty Delano
Danbury Women

Joanne Diaz

Kevin Ducey
Who's your friend?

K. E. Duffin

Rebecca Dunham

Haines Eason
The Fmaily and the Fishing Net

Carrie Etter
English Summer

Tarfia Faizullah
Aubade: Ramadan

Elaine Feinstein
Piaf in Babraham

Annie Finch
A Letter for Emily Dickinson

Carmen Firan
last impression

Piotr Florczyk
Second Language

Rebecca Foust
Rat Diptych

Philip Fried
God as Float

Martin Galvin
The Talking Man at Home

Richard Garcia
Adam and Eve's Dog

Robert Gibb
Pittsburgh Photographs

Mary Gilliland
Ember Days

Barry Goldensohn
Richard II

Lorrie Goldensohn

Heather O'Shea Gordon
Wild Horses

Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei
Malaria Sheltering

Taylor Graham

Debora Greger
The Parakeets of Amsterdam

Corinne Clegg Hales
Girl at a Barbed Wire Fence

Mark Halperin
The Elegant Ladies of Tallinn

Julia Hansen

Jerry Harp

Henry Hart

Raza Ali Hasan
The Walled Garden Unveiled

Rebecca Hazelton
The Heart Is an Indifferent Animal

Samuel Hazo
Cezanne's Atelier Near Aix

John Fenlon Hogan

Cynthia Hogue
Memory Y

Janet Holmes

Eva Hooker

Teresa Iverson
Grandmother Crow

Alison Jarvis
The Same Hour Has Come Inside My Body

John Kinsella

L. S. Klatt
The Persecutors

Becca Klaver
Walking After Midnight or 9 PM

Sandra Kohler

Virginia Konchan
Ars Poetics

Susanne Kort

Marilyn Krysl

Matthew Landrum
Fragments of Granada

Elizabeth Langemak
Weding Love

John Latta

Greg Leatherman
Trinidad Pearls

Katie Lehman
Song of No Trust

Angela Leighton
Remembering Chopin at Valdemossa

Donald Levering
Coveting Dr. Freud's Shoes

Denise Levertov
Bearing the Light

Jeffrey Levine
The Herbalist

Anthony Libby
Film Noir

Moira Linehan
Praise Him in the Temple of the Present

Elline Lipkin
Two Braids

Sheryl Luna
Sonata on Original Sin

Mona Lydon-Rochelle
Mallarme Meets Valery

Gerard Malanga
Cesar Vallejo

Peter Marcus
Scales, Sevastopol

Malinda Markham
Who Does Not Love the Figure Before Them

Herbert Woodward Martin
On Reading Rita Dove's "Parsley"

Valerie Martinez

Khaled Mattawa
Before Huron

Kathleen McGookey
Another Drowning, Minor Lake

Robert McNamara
When My Mother Came Back from Barbados

Pablo Medina
Song of the Boken Road

Diane Mehta

Orlando Ricardo Menes
Bitter Algae

Christopher Merrill

W. S. Merwin
The First Days

Kathryn Merwin
The Emperor

David Moolten

Simone Muench
The Melos of Medusa

Steve Myers

Peter Nohrnberg
First Settlers

Aaron Novick

Jude Nutter
Grave Robbing with Rilke

Jere Odell

Patrick Oh

Anthony Opal

Gordon T. Osing
Nine Captains Defining the Eye

Suzanne Paola
Chirst in the World of Matter

Robert Parham
Writing in Spite of Borges

Suphil Lee Park
Song of No Trust

Lynn Pattison

January Pearson
Prayer Along Crystal Cove

John Peck

Emmy Perez
Look at You

Michael Perkins
El Desdichado

Kevin Phan
[At Oldorf's Hospice House of Mercy]

Siobhan Phillips

Goran Printz-Pahlson
In the Style of Scott Skinner

Kevin Prufer
The Empire Was Falling

Mary Quade
Lawn Shrines: Bathtub Virgins

Supritha Rajan
Inventing the Past

Henry 7. Reneau, Jr.
Barack & Michelle Obama Gone Ghetto #1 & #2

Barbara Jane Reyes
Estuary 2

Brady Rhoades
A Parade in Galway

Oliver Rice
Descartes Among the Weed Woman

Peter Robinson
When the Leaves Drift

Frank Rogaczewski
Toward Smart-Ass Proletarian Poetry

Pattiann Rogers
?And the Invisible Universe?

Jay Rogoff

Michael Salcman
How the Trick Is Done

Ernest Sandeen
An Affair

John Phillip Santos
Chiapas Sonnets

Melita Schaum
Girl at the Window

Linda Scheller

Beryl Schlossman
Angelus Novus 1

Geoff Schmidt
The Grinch Does Penance, Or, A Survey of Western Literature

Shane Seely
Elegy for Anthony Piccione

Ravi Shankar
Laloo, the Handsome, Healthy, Happy Hindoo

Faisal Siddiqui

Charles Simic
De Occulta Philosohpia

Sean Singer
The Gift

Floyd Skloot

Ken Smith
Noises Off

R. T. Smith

Cynthia Sowers
In Chains

Sofia M. Starnes
The Scarf

Marc J. Straus
The Neckless Pelican

Stephanie Strickland 18

Marcela Sulak

Brian Swann

Jill Talbot
Wild Horses

Jason Tandon
What We Burn

Nathaniel Tarn
The Island Weavers

Kymberly Taylor
Light Breathing

Susan Terris
From the Wing of a Crane

Richard Tillinghast
Coming To

Daniel Tobin
from "The Broken Symmetry"

Heather Treseler

Corinna Vallianatos
Boy Leading Wagon
Father "Overcome by Despair"

Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon
RR Lyrae: Supernova

Mark Wagenaar
Orpheus Amongs the Fishbones

Miles Waggener

David Wagoner
Finding My Way

G. C. Waldrep
Lay Geometry (II)

Martin Walls
Variation on 'Song' by Guillevic

Anthony Walton

Charles Harper Webb

Sasha West
The Uncanny Valley of the World

Tony Whedon
Ovid's Grave

Clive Wilmer
Bottom's Dream

Nicholas Wong
Privilege of Morning

William Kelley Woolfitt
Inside the Boarded-Up Slaughterhouse

Felicia Zamora
Same River

Martha Zweig

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Sandra Alcosser
Mare Frigoris


Lisa Ampleman


John Ashbery
Soeur Monique


Jennifer Atkinson
First and Last


Mary Jo Bang


Simeon Berry


Eavan Boland
The Harbour


Rebecca Dunham


Rebecca Hazelton
The Heart Is an Indifferent Animal


L. S. Klatt
The Persecutors


W. S. Merwin
The First Days


Kevin Phan
[At Oldorf's Hospice House of Mercy]


Kevin Prufer
The Empire Was Falling


Charles Simic
De Occulta Philosohpia


Marcela Sulak


Mark Wagenaar
Orpheus Amongs the Fishbones


G. C. Waldrep
Lay Geometry (II)