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The Paris Review
Volume: 137 | Year: 1995

Table of Contents:

Philip Appleman
A Priest Forever

Lucille Clifton

Martha Collins

Patricia Corbus
In Circe's Courtyard
Words to a Dying Star

Jeffery Donaldson
The Spoils of Patronage

Annie Finch
In the Great Reading Room

Edwin Gallaher
Marvell's World
Negative Handprints at Gargas

Debora Greger
The Trompe L'Oeil of History

Jeffrey Harrison
Alexander Kinglake and the Giraffe of Paris
Two Salutations

James Laughlin
A Florilegium
De Iuventutue

David Lehman
Boy with Red Hair
Wedding Song

Patrick Martin
False Alarm
The Climber
The Basement
In Dog-Years
The Nights on False Island

Andrew McCord
At an Exhibit of Mughal Painting

Carol Muske-Dukes
Having Fled the Cite Universitaire

Karen L. Newcombe
A New Eve

William Olsen
Kresges, 1963

John Peck
From the Headland at Cumae

John Reibatanz
A Chest of Angels

Jay Rogoff
The Queen
The Bride
The Virgin

Kay Ryan
Poetry in Translation

Vijay Seshadri

Charles Simic
Shadow Publishing Company
The World's Greatest Ventriloquist
Against Winter

Richard Tayson
Phone Sex
Your Feet

Nance Van Winckel
Unfinished Canvas
Every Good Thing

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Martha Collins


David Lehman
Boy with Red Hair; Wedding Song


Charles Simic
Shadow Publishing Company; The World's Greatest Ventriloquist; Against Winter