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The Paris Review
Volume: 151 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

Molly Bendall
Stunted Gardens

Michael Benedikt
Professor Albert Einstein

Peg Boyers
Open Letter to Alberto Moravia

Derick Burleson
One Million One
Ethnologist's Lament

Anne Carson
My Show
Nothing for It
Her Beckett

Robin Davidson
Women Harvesting: Virgins, Widows, Wives

Peter Davison
Little Death

Anthony Deaton
On the Gereal Principles of Knot-Tying

Annmarie Drury
Nairo, Kenya
Pear Man
Ostriches at the Border Crossing, June 14

Malcolm Farley
Lunch Hour
Post Modern Grimm

Irving Feldman
These Memoirs
Lamra Among the Shades

Gary Fincke
The Eternal Language of the Hands

Albert Goldbarth

Mary Gordon

D. Gregory Griffith
O Orpheus

William Logan
The Shorter Aeneid

Corey Marks
Fore Keats, After Keats

Campbell McGrath

Christian Nagle
Foreigners: Homage to Elizabeth Bishop
The Vines

Donald Platt
White Iris

Kenneth Rosen
The Motto

Kay Ryan
Lime Light

Martin Silano
What I Meant to Say Before I Said "So Long"

Shawn Sturgeon
The World on Alexandria
Etruscan Farewell

Terese Svoboda
Euridice Abandoned in the Caves of Hades
Anticipating Grief
Pool Tale

Dorthea Tanning
Report fromteh Field
Insomnia, my cousin,

Constance Urdang
Atlantic Song
Salt Water

Rosanna Warren

Charles Harper Webb
Coach Class Seats

Theodore Weiss

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Molly Bendall
Stunted Gardens


Anne Carson
My Show; Nothing for It; Her Beckett


Albert Goldbarth