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Quarterly West
Volume: 50 | Year: 2000

Table of Contents:

Deborah Ager
Summer Nights

Rane Arroyo

Benjamin Balthaser
For M: Musician, Lemon-Thief

Bruce Beasley

Lillias Bever

Kristin Bock

Gaylord Brewer

Christopher Buckley
Apologia: The Bible History Student Returns Home--Santa Barbara, CA

Rick Campbell
Creeley Cursing in Church

Michael Chitwood

Nicole Cuddeback
The New Husband

Dana Curtis
First Date

Christopher Davis
The Art of War

Jon Fischer
Indian Writer

Yahya Frederickson
Letter from Dessie
Letter from Harar

Todd Fuller
An Open Letter: to the Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans Committee

Frank X. Gaspar
The Way that Can Be Spoken Of is Not The Way

Matthew Guenette
If You're Lucky Decent Jobs Turn Up in the Paper

Benjamin Ivry
Questions on Seeing One's First White Pubic Hairs

Kimberly Johnson
Winnowing Song

Alice Jones

George Kalamaras
The Sentence

Steve Kistulentz
The Rosenthiel Cycle
The Picture of Hank Williams, Sr. Taken by My Grandfather in Germany
Elegy for the Bay City Rollers
Why I Love What Breaks Down
The Challenge

Sharon Kraus
The Measure

Adrie Kusserow

Gerry LaFemina
Poems Folded into a Made Bed, Monterey Hotel, California

Robert Lee

Ann Claremont LeZotte
The Hill of the Muses
Country Scene

Amy Lingafelter
The Dying

John Lundberg
Keat's Deathbed

Hector A. Martinez
Como un Corrido

Robert McNamara
Night and Day

Elisabeth Murawski
The Living Room, My Sister Wrote, Had Seven Windows

Debra Nystrom

Adrian Oktenberg
[She is open like a pool]

Ethan Paquin
The Near-Miss Slides

Beverly Rainbolt
My Little Antigone

Yannis Ritsos
Twelve Poems

Jay Rogoff

Ahila Sambamoorthy
The Red Hills

Jeannine Savard
The Way-Faring Tree

Glori Simmons
Hand Mit Ringen

Deborah Sobeloff

Laura Stott
Speaks Blue

Judith Strasser
How She Remembers Love: Etude with Ten Assigned Words

Virginia Chase Sutton
Nothing Ordinary

Robert Thomas
Breaking the Code

Jon Thompson

Russell Thorburn
The Hours of St. Theresa

Kristen Tracy

Ryan G. Van Cleave
Say Hello, Part III

Liz Waldner
Lettuce (But Is This?) Begin
Beelzebub and Baby J Atop Windham Hill, Vermont

Thom Ward
American Fragment

Amanda Yskamp
Selections from a New Sutra

Martha Zweig
Good Night's Sleep

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Kristin Bock


Dana Curtis
First Date


George Kalamaras
The Sentence


Liz Waldner
Lettuce (But Is This?) Begin; Beelzebub and Baby J Atop Windham Hill, Vermont