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Volume: 96 | Year: 1996

Table of Contents:

Agha Shahid Ali
A Fate's Brief Memoir

Catherine Bowman
No Sorry

David Breskin
Evidence of Bear
The Day I Take Her to the Hospital

Richard Chess

Billy Collins
The Sex

David Ferry
She Speaks Across the Years

Alice Fulton
World Wrap

Diana Hume George
I Pushed Her and She Fell Down

Linda Gregg
Hephaestus Alone

Robert Hass
Iowa City
Early April

Michael Heffernan
The Muse

Frida Kahlo
in the paper

Edward Kleinschmidt
Stir Crazy

Maxine Kumin
The Bridge Builder

Philip Levine
The Harbor at Nevermind, 1915
The Seven Doors
On the Run
Out of Work and Out of Luck

Cynthia MacDonald
How William Solomon Invokes Free Will
Frank Blank Whose Depression Was Banished
The Great 14th Street Costume Company Clarence Ernest Klister, Prop

Campbell McGrath
Maizel at Shorty's in Kendall

Joyce Carol Oates
Ballad of Ashfield Avenue

Sharon Olds
Her First Week
His Father's Cadaver

Jacqueline Osherow
Moses in Paradise

Alicia Ostriker
Krishna Speaks to the Summer Carpenter

Alan Michael Parker
The Widow

Elise Paschen
My Father's Gun

Carl Phillips
The Sibyl

Ann Townsend
First Death
Around the World
First Language

David Wojahn
Rajah in Babylon
After Wittgenstein
Hey, Joe
Allegorical Figure
Sppech Grille
Dirge and Descent

David Zivan

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Alice Fulton
World Wrap


Robert Hass
Iowa City; Early April


Philip Levine
The Harbor at Nevermind, 1915; The Seven Doors; On the Run; Out of Work and Out of Luck


Sharon Olds
Her First Week; His Father's Cadaver; West


Alicia Ostriker
Krishna Speaks to the Summer Carpenter


Carl Phillips
The Sibyl


David Wojahn
Rajah in Babylon; After Wittgenstein; Hey, Joe; Allegorical Figure; Sppech Grille; Oracle; Dirge and Descent