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Volume: 106 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

Dante Alighieri
from Purgatory

L. S. Asekoff
H*t*l* M*rq**s

Judith Baumel

John Berger
Hotel Declerq

Julie Carr
How We Became

Pura Lopez Colome
Heartache: I Follow You

Jean de Sponde
from Sonnets on Death

Greg Delanty
Behold the Brahminy Kite
Leper's Walk
Prayer to St. Blaise

Ingrid Fichtner
but the layers of ash, th eline brushed white
the lesser white, capitulum, inflorescence, the sun irrupting

Barbara Guest
from Rocks on a Platter

Brian Henry
What They Remember

Daniel Kane
Jewish Variations on Erik Satie's Sports et Divertissements"

Claudia Keelan
Don't Ask Me I'm Not Telling

John Kinsella
Sun, Unreturnable Gift: Composiont with Pink & Gray Galahs in Flight

Wayne Koestenbaum
Stanzas in My 39th Year

James Lasdun
American Mountain

Jan Heller Levi

Phillis Levin
Futile Exercise
Morning Exercise
Intervals in Early August
On the Other Hand

Donna Masini
Natural History
The Trap

Jane Mead
Sevnty Fet from the Magnolia Blossom
The World
Wing of Newt

Bruce F. Murphy
Le Therapeute
Mediation: Hunger
Meditation: The Heliotrope

Paul Nemser
In the Beautiful City

John Peck
from Nova Cantica

Melissa Pierson
Summit Mall

Claudia Rankine
from Plot

Donald Revell
Elegy (A Little)

Vijay Seshadri

Jane Shore
Small Talk

Charlie Smith
Rapid, Impssible Placement of Fact

Goran Sonnevi
from Mozart's Third Brain
from The Book of Sounds

Susan Stewart

Terese Svoboda
No Spring
Pilgrim's Progress

E. Beth Thomas
Prospect Park Southwest

Katharine Washburn
Four Version and a Pastiche from the Greek Anthology

Joshua Weiner

Susan Wheeler
Produce, Produce

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Julie Carr
How We Became


Barbara Guest
from Rocks on a Platter


Jane Mead
Myth; Sevnty Fet from the Magnolia Blossom; The World; Wing of Newt


Claudia Rankine
from Plot


Donald Revell
Elegy (A Little)


Susan Stewart