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Denver Quarterly
Volume: 30.1 | Year: 1995

Table of Contents:

John Ashbery
No Earthly Reason
The Faint of heart
Coming Down from New York

Thomas Avena
All the submarines of the US navy

Bruce Berger
Late Sibelius

Lucie Brock-Broido
Fair Copy From a Fair World
Everything Husk to the Will
Desunt Non Nulla
Also, None Among Us Has Seen God

Philip Dacey
Postcard Sonnet: The Wall

Andre Du Bouchet
The Indwelling

Kathleen Halme
Diorama Notebook
Incidents and Accidents
The Speaking Face of Earth

Mark Irwin
Serious Earth

Roger Mitchell

Herbert Morris
By Fire

Laura Mullen
The Selected Letters

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
The Hollow
Radio Man
Inner Ear

Holly Prado
Our Panic When God Himself Is Slain
Van Gogh Recovers

Anna Rabinowitz

Arthur Vogelsang
The Lab
Liquids in Quantities
The Umbrella

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Ashbery
No Earthly Reason; The Faint of heart; Coming Down from New York


Lucie Brock-Broido
Fair Copy From a Fair World; Everything Husk to the Will; Gratitude; Desunt Non Nulla; Rampion; Housekeeping; Also, None Among Us Has Seen God


Mark Irwin
Serious Earth


Ricardo Pau-Llosa
The Hollow; Radio Man; Inner Ear


Arthur Vogelsang
Critical; The Lab; Liquids in Quantities; Lyric; The Umbrella