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New American Writing
Volume: 20 | Year: 2002

Table of Contents:

Beth Anderson
The Silent Advantage

Angela Ball
Problems with Perception
My Feelings

Martine Bellen
Day Trip
La Maternelle
Ninety-Nine Nights

Michael Bernstein
Excuses for Apathy/Outbound August

Brigitte Byrd

Robert Coles
I Saw Cowboys

Joshua Corey
from Nectarine

Ray DiPalma
Crayon D'Ache #2
Crayon D'Ache #5

Sharon Dolin
Blank Sonnet

Clayton Eshleman
Mixhaux, 1956

Susan Firer
On Accident

Joanna Fuhrman
Knowledge Blobs

Ray Gonzalez
He Calls His Dog Rimbaud
Cadets at the Virginia Military Academy Read Howl and Other Poems by Allen Ginsburg
Masa Face
Max Jacob's Shoes

Brian Henry
From the Bottom
Barely Wept

Stefani Iryne
For William

Alice Jones

Daniil Kharms
The Werld
The Constancy of Dirt and Joy
Death of a Little Old Man
How I Was Visited by Messengers
An Article

Noelle Kocot
I Refuse to Wear Life Like a Loose Garment

Carl Martin
Flesh Farm
Crossing the Picket

Maureen McLane
[you little monad]
[and you sad multiple]

Byrdie McPherson
from Partial

Rusty Morrison
Insufficiently Inured

G. E. Murray
Opus Focus
Marginal Extravaganza

Sawako Nakayasu
Language Barrier

John Olson
Auroral Activity
Stuffed Cabbage

Ethan Paquin

Stephen Ratcliffe
from Portraits and Repetition: 11.6
from Portraits and Repetition: 11.7
from Portraits and Repetition: 11.8
from Portraits and Repetition: 11.9
from Portraits and Repetition: 11.10

Sarah Riggs
from Spoked Leaf: A Dilemma

Elizabeth Robinson

Leonard Schwartz
Point of Entry
Dynamic Ensemble

Sean R. Slive
The Reader

Chris Stroffolino
Repressed Outlaw: Classic Return
Remedial Pornology

Virgil Suarez
Galan de Noche

Nathaniel Tarn
from Home Two: For a Living Mother
from Home Two: Windows of Moment
from Home Two: Signification Ergo Meaning

James Tate
Mr. Twiggy
The Restaurant Business
A Proper Study
Crossing the Deleware

Val Vinukurov
From the Other End
Two Packs of Confessional Verse a Day

Karen Volkman

Aleksandr Vvedenskii
The Joyful Man Franz
Kuprianov and Natasha

Rosmarie Waldrop
Holderlin Hybrids: Evening Sun

Nicole Walker
Orchestras and Tides

Craig Watson
from Rhyme

Jason Whitmarsh
Two, Couchbound
The Ever Inconstancy

Dara Wier
The Sea Influence
A Christian Who Misjudged Her Parking Place
American Revolution

Nikolai Zabolotsky
The Signs of the Zodiac Go Dark

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Rusty Morrison
Insufficiently Inured


Sawako Nakayasu
Language Barrier


Elizabeth Robinson
Ghosts; Night


Chris Stroffolino
Repressed Outlaw: Classic Return; Remedial Pornology


James Tate
Mr. Twiggy; The Restaurant Business; A Proper Study; Summoned; Crossing the Deleware


Karen Volkman
Sonnet; Sonnet; Sonnet


Dara Wier
The Sea Influence; Gegenschein; A Christian Who Misjudged Her Parking Place; American Revolution