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Kenyon Review
Volume: 25.3 | Year: 2003

Table of Contents:

Patricia Akhimie
The Plantain-Eaters

Luis Cernuda
The City from a Distance

Terry Cox
More Facts

Vinay Dharwadker
A Flat in Jaipur
Life Cycles

Jennifer Grotz
Arrival in Rome

Gunnar Harding
Akersbodarna, July 1981

Olav H. Hauge
I Pass the Arctic Circle
I've Lived Here

Dolores Hayden
Target Practice

Yang Jian
The Spring
Love in Life and Death

Huang Jimming
Sounds of the Earth Coming Back to Life

Suji Kwock Kim
The Chasm

John Kinsella
Field Notes from Mount Bakewell
Location Triggers

Jayanta Mahapatra
A Brief Orissa Winter, 2000

Pan Miaobin
Green Grass Trodden by People Coming and Going

Lupenga Mphande
Anger of the Lake
Jungle Eagles
Rebellious Teachers

Peter Porter
Quarreling with the Keyboard
Up Against the Statue

John E. Smelcer
So Begins the Lasting Silence
Kaktovik Whale Hunters
Mountain Smoke
How to Conquer the New World

Susan Stewart
Wrought from the Generation of Earth
The Rose

Joanna Straughn
Perspective with Open Door

Virgil Suarez
Japanese Magnolia

Rabindra K. Swain
Fifteenth of August, 2000

Liliana Ursu
Pilgrimage to Outeiro

Dai Wei
The Wind on the Window

Andrew Zawacki
from Masquerade

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jennifer Grotz
Arrival in Rome


Susan Stewart
Wrought from the Generation of Earth; The Rose