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Volume: 183.1 | Year: 2003

Table of Contents:

David Biespiel

Marianne Burke
A Flute Overheard

Jennifer Michael Hecht
Funny Strange

August Kleinzahler
Epistle XIV
Christmas in Chinatown
The Hereafter

Joanie V. MacKowski
The Larger

Mary Makofske
Euthanasia; A Geography

Jill Osier
Should Our Undoing Come Down Upon Us White
You Know It As Spring
Last Night

Jim Powell
The Juggernaut of the Apocalypse

Ben Simmons
On Sandymount Strand

Ralph Sneeden
Evidence of the Journey

W. D. Snodgrass
Nightwatchman's Song

Dabney Stuart
Finding Time

Alice Templeton
Song Beside the Barn Wall

D. H. Tracy
One Connecticut
The Explorer at Eureka Dunes

Connie Wanek

Eleanor Wilner
"Don't Look So Scared! You're Alive!"

Dean Young
Elegy on Toy Piano
I Said Yes But I Meant No

Poets of Interest in this issue:

August Kleinzahler
Epistle XIV; Christmas in Chinatown; The Hereafter


Dean Young
Elegy on Toy Piano; I Said Yes But I Meant No; Glider