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Natural Bridge
Volume: 1 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

Sallie McCormick Adams
The Whistle

Jennifer Atkinson
By Water

Barry Ballard
A Theft

Tim Bellows
Mendocino Napping

Cara Chamberlain
North of the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Timothy Cheeseman
There Are Places

Brad Clompus
Blue Cup

Julie Cooper-Fratrik
Three Stories, Only Two of Which Are for Grownups

Robert Cooperman
Deer Crossing

Irene Culver
Signs Posted on Telephone Poles

Jim Daniels
July 4, City Pool, Pittsburgh

Helen Degen-Cohen
Double Vision

Katie Degentesh
Astronomy Lesson

Maureen Flannery
Frank Lloyd Wright Buries His Love

Robert Haynes

Michael Hettich
Breathing Underwater

Bob Hicok
Jornada De Muerto

Mimmo Iasiello
My Grandfather in a Shot of Whiskey

Michael L. Johnson
Thomas Hart Benton, Persephone

Kasey Jueds
Spell in August

Sandra Kohler
The Dogs of El Salvador

Joshua Kryah
Black Swans

M. E. Ladd
Why Photographers Commit Suicide

Kathleen Large
From "A Species of Melancholy"

Mercedes Lawry
Ceausescu and the Artist

Don Mager
At the Speed of Sun

Jon Marshall

Michael B. McMahon

William Meyer
A Case of Catfish Abuse

Richard Newman
Sandy's Grave

Steve Orlen
The Lifeguard

Eric Pankey
Words to a Ghost
From the Book of Lamentations

Greg Pape
We Are

Simon Perchik

Chris Perkowski
Raleigh and Back

Allan Peterson
From Now On

Charles Rafferty
Black-Eyed Susans

Ken Smith
My Grandfather's Waltz
Force of Nature

J. R. Solonche
Burything the Cat of My Neighbor's Daughter

Kristine A. Somerville
Blind School for the Sighted

Marjorie Stelmach

Ben Wilensky

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Jennifer Atkinson
By Water


Bob Hicok
Jornada De Muerto


Joshua Kryah
Black Swans


Eric Pankey
Words to a Ghost; From the Book of Lamentations


Allan Peterson
From Now On


Marjorie Stelmach