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Volume: 67 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

Susan Aizenberg
White Cat and Notebook: A Still Life

David Berman
The Constitution
My Life at Home During Banking Hours

Wolf Biermann
Peace Forever
A Nightingale in Hanover
A Flood in Paris

Diann Blakely
from Home Movies: "Installation," Warhol Museum

Bruce Bond
Two Rivers

Ann Campanella
What She Doesn't Know
Maplewood Manor

James Cordeiro
Monsoon Song

Robert Cording
Natural History

Lisa Croneberg
Light's Snout
Light's Way of Seeing
I Want to Make Light Too

Cynthia Cruz

Robert Gibb
Touring Clayton, the Estate of the Industrialist Henry Clay Frick

Landon Godfrey
Gins and Tonics, News and Yorks
A Single Clap of Thunder Can Quite Literally Frighten a Shrew to Death

Terrance Hayes
Diego Rivera--Dama de Blanco, 1939

Ben Howard
Morning in Beara

Stephanie Ivanoff
In Defense
Mirror in the Woods

Johanna Keller
Pantoum of the Cafe on Stilts
The Examined Life

Samantha Lang
Learning the Language
Onanist's Ode
Long Distance

John Morgan
Punctuated Equilibrium
Ben's Ennui
The Concert

Aimee Nezhukumatathil
One Bite

Michael Palma
Air of Lost Connections

Robert Phillips
Fifth Season

Dwaine Rieves
Sometimes They're Called the Connecting Tissue Disease

Stan Sanvel Rubin
Five Colors

Karl Schwedhelm
Rimbaud in Luxor

Reginald Shepherd
The Anania Butterfly

Pearl Andelson Sherry

Floyd Skloot
Odilon Redon in Charcoal, 1893

R. T. Smith
Bard at Fifty

Virgil Suarez
Paul Klee Visits Santiago de Cuba

Michael Waters
Naked Sea Butterflies

Valerie Wohlfeld
Even Shetiyyah

C. Dale Young

Saadi Youssef
Hand in Hand
April Chatter
The Lost Letter

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Two Rivers


Terrance Hayes
Diego Rivera--Dama de Blanco, 1939


Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Arachne; One Bite; Speak