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Iowa Review
Volume: 29.1 | Year: 1999

Table of Contents:

John Bensko
Winter Scene

George Bilgere

Neal Dwyer
Un Commencement

Martin Earl

Lourdes Espinola
from I Write the Life of a Woman
All that is Needed
Like the Dance of the Dolpin in the Ocean
from Abyss
Manuscript in the Drawer

David Evett
Too High

Elton Glaser
Narcissus as I

Albert Goldbarth
The Great Ones

Fleda Brown Jackson
The Women Who Love Elvis All Their Lives
The Death of Gladys Presley

Ryan Johnson
Da Vinci Lumbers through the Sistine Chapel

Mong Lan
Things Human

Jon Loomis
Balthus Returns

Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes
The Disconsolation of Philosophy

James McKean
Whispering in Penny's Ear

Jane Mead
What Happens

Pattiann Rogers
The Making of the World

Jeffrey Skinner

Floyd Skloot
The Fiddler's Trance

Richard Terrill
The Moldau

Monica Velasquez
from Three Names for a Place

Paul Zimmer
Directing a University Press

Rachel Zucker
A Kind of Catastrophe

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
Library; The Great Ones


Jane Mead
However,; What Happens


Rachel Zucker
A Kind of Catastrophe