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Yale Review
Volume: 86.4 | Year: 1998

Table of Contents:

Bruce Bond
Thelonius Sphere Monk

Tom Disch
Ode on the Source of the Mississippi

Ben Downing
No Rosetta Stone

Irving Feldman
City of Good Neighbor Blues

Marilyn Hacker
Taking Leave of Zenka

Rachel Hadas
Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons

Carolyn Kizer
The Erotic Philosophers

W. S. Merwin
Seed Time

Dennis O'Driscoll

Joyce Carol Oates
Fast Forward

Steve Orlen

Marie Ponsot

David Wagoner
Thoreau and the Stumps

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Bruce Bond
Thelonius Sphere Monk


W. S. Merwin
Orioles; Seed Time