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Volume: 72 | Year: 2002

Table of Contents:

Cynthia Atkins
The Information Age
What to Do When Your Dog Leaves You

Giorgio Caproni
Lament (or Boasting) of the Mocked Little Priest
Three Improvisations on the Hand and Face Theme

Barbara Carle
The Grains of Sand
Your Shell Which Wakes
Downpour over the Forest
During my Bengali Adolescence
Love Keeps Disquieting Me
Unmake the Silence
They Breathe They Listen

Kevin Dobbs
The Physics of Graveyards

Michael Dumanis
Travel Advisory

Eugene Guillevic
Straight Line
Parallels: 1
Acute Angle

Silvio Guissani
There's a Moment of Glory
Madame Tusseaud

Joshua Kryah
Hotel Cinco de Mayo
Hum and Haw

Kathleen McGookey
The Accident
Notes on "The Accident"
Visit to Omaha
Success Story

Greg Pendergast
Traditore / Traduttore
The Winter Rain Personae
Nude Study
Night Geometry
Grace Street
Elegy Not Knowing Exactly What It's For

Michael David Roberts
The Gravity of Water
Vacation in Paradise

Amelia Rosselli
Five Poems Toward a Poetics
For S.
The Human Spectrum, and Not All of It
A Sweating Rock: I Tried All
Irony an Even Harder Kneecap
It's Much Easier for Me , to See Your Fixed Face

D. E. Steward

Julie Suk
Bound as I Am
Loving the Hands
Reeling into Night

Bob Vance
Because Nothing Is
The Widows
Coming over the Dune into the Forest Near Sunset

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Michael Dumanis
Travel Advisory


Joshua Kryah
Horse; Hotel Cinco de Mayo; Hum and Haw; Western