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Volume: 4 | Year: 2001

Table of Contents:

Edward Bartok-Baratta
Beneath the Pin Oak, Sarah
The Name

Lisa C. Beskin
Civilization and Discontents

Brenda Bordofsky
A Day of Religious
Over a Herring City

Gregory Brooker
Fantasy of Spring with a Ghost of Spring

Christopher Chambers
Match Made in Heaven
All Entitled Why I Love Iowa

Eric Darton
Night Shift

Christopher Davis
The Pederast as Pedagogue

Jamey Dunham
After the War
A Prayer for Slow-Poke Jackass

Joanna Fuhrman
Orpheus' Post-Orphic Confessions
Rhapsodic Milkshake

John Gallaher
In the Orrery with Carol Anne
Olduvai Gorge Bon Vivants

Ray Gonzalez
The Spy

Arielle Greenberg
Alter (Mexican Retablos)
Winder: Hollywood, Tainted Well, Leap Year

Wayne Koestenbaum
The Mickey Mouse Warm-Up Reel
Grade Grubber's Narrative
Rhonda Love
O Homes Across the Bay

Richard Meier
Dear Letter

Lynn Melnick

Ethan Paquin
Not This, Mirror
Just Before Diversion

Carl Phillips
Blue Shoulder

Jessie Sholl

Richard Siken
Driving, Not Washing
Any Scraps for the Dog?

Jon Skuldt
I Arrive and You Are Living Wage Whether You Know It

Terese Svoboda
Car Frogs

Karen Volkman
Two Poems

Ed Webster
Laid Out and Taking Inventory
Fin de Siecle

Terence Winch
Between Meals

Max Winter
In the Midwest

Poets of Interest in this issue:

John Gallaher
In the Orrery with Carol Anne; Olduvai Gorge Bon Vivants


Lynn Melnick


Carl Phillips
Cavalry; Blue Shoulder


Richard Siken
Driving, Not Washing; Any Scraps for the Dog?


Karen Volkman
Two Poems


Max Winter
Suppose; In the Midwest