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Volume: 42 | Year: 1997

Table of Contents:

Stalking Memory

Dante Alighieri
Purgatory: Canto XX

Peter Coyote
from Free-fall Chronicles

John Harvey
Out of Silence: Squaw Valley 1995

Kimberly Johnson
In the Melon Colony
The Incident About Which I Will Not Be Speaking

Claudia Keelan
Snow in America

John Kinsella
Cranach's Venus Wows Them on the Catwalks of New York
Body Art
Probable Sensations
A Lynching Under the Southern Cross

Lucio Mariani
Alphabets of Surrender
The Slightest of Winds
Consoling Martha
Shades of the Martyrs

Molly McQuade
Proofreading Assyrian
Archaic Corn

Roger Mitchell
For a Moment

Paul Muldoon
A Journey to Cracow

Les Murray
Bottles in the Bombed City
A Reticence
Travels with John Hunter

Lucia Perillo
The Ghost Shirt

Melissa Pierson
Warren Oates, 1928-1982

Bethany Pray
Why Things Could Be Different
First Love

Claudia Rankine
Extent and root of

David Ray
A Bar off Piccadilly
Always an Option

Siobahn Reagan
Women at the Gym
The Father Poem
Elegant Style Chart

Kevin Young
Dos Cabezas
Man Struck Lightning-Two Witnesses
Anybody Speaking Words

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Claudia Rankine
Extent and root of