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Volume: 42 | Year: 1995

Table of Contents:

Peter Balakian

Michael Benedikt
A Retiring Professor of Practicality

Michelle Boisseau
Flesh Is Air, Too

John Burnside
Washing Day, Anties

Carl Dennis
All I've Wanted

Moshe Dor

Serge Fauchereau
L'Enfer N'est Pas
Les Gestes Qu'on Peut Fair

Neil Fischer
The Gift

Albert Goldbarth
News from Home

To Lydia (I.8)
To Pyrrhus (III.20)
To Virgil (I.24)
To Praise Aelius Lamia (I.26)

Peter Kantor
Hungarian Fall
Once I Thought

Nathan Kernan
Dear Ghost

Lisa Lewis
The Young

Cleopatra Mathis
After the Operation

Ange Mlinko
My Children Don't Grow They Multiply

Eugenio Montale
Little Testament

Michael O'Brien
Marcel Duchamp

Candice Reffe
Everybody Loves the Spring
Crazy 4 U

Peter Richards
The Sea Looking On

David Rivard
Real Thing Strange

Harvey Shapiro

Ikkyu Sojun
Face to Face with My Lover on Daito's Anniversary
My Hand Is Lady Mori's Hand
Night Talk in a Dream Chamber
My Love's Dark Place is Fragrant Like Narcissus

Piotr Sommer
Lighter, Darker

Poets of Interest in this issue:

Albert Goldbarth
News from Home


Candice Reffe
Everybody Loves the Spring; Crazy 4 U