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Kenyon Review
Volume: 20.1 | Year: 1998

Table of Contents:

A. R. Ammons
Rouge Elephant

Philip Booth
An Old Airman Who Knows Who He Was

Ellen Cantor
Flesh and Blood
What We Knew

Peter Cooley

Olena Kalytiak Davis
As Empty as a Church
In Defense of Marriage

Robert Gibb
Raising the Blinds

Albert Goldbarth
Riffs & Reciprocities

Michael Heffernan

Bob Hicok
Waiting for UPS

George Keithley

Jesse Lee Kercheval
Last Poem

Stuart Lishan
Songs of Separation

Deanne Lundin
Chicory Seeds

Campbell McGrath
A Dove
Port Olry
Capitalist Poem #42

Robert Morgan
Atomic Age
Fire Handling

Thylias Moss
Ant Farm
A Hot Time in a Small Town
Making Dresses

Joyce Peseroff
The Loom

Bino A. Realuyo
A Night in Dubai

Wislawa Szymborska
A Thank-You Note
To the Heart on Sunday

Eleanor Ross Taylor
Diary Entry, March 24

Ann Townsend
Dime Store Erotics
House by a Green Sea

Robert Wrigley

Poets of Interest in this issue:

A. R. Ammons
Mouvance; Rouge Elephant


Olena Kalytiak Davis
As Empty as a Church; In Defense of Marriage


Albert Goldbarth
Riffs & Reciprocities


Bob Hicok
Waiting for UPS


Thylias Moss
Ant Farm; Chariots; A Hot Time in a Small Town; Making Dresses