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Books of Interest from Carnegie-Mellon University Press

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And His Orchestra
Benjamin Paloff
Cultural Studies
Kevin Gonzalez
Mary Ruefle
Casino of the Sun
Jerry Williams
Lovers in the Used World
Gillian Conoley
Thomas and Beulah
Rita Dove


Carnegie-Mellon University Press General Catalogue

Brightword, by Kimberly Burwick
The Complaints, by W. S. Di Piero
Partners and Strangers, by Michael Don
Ordinary Chaos, by Kimberly Kruge
Memoir, by Honor Moore
Bad Harvest, by Dzvinia Orlowsky
Blue Flame, by Emily Pettit
Afterswarm, by Margot Schlipp

May is an Island, by Jonathon Johnson
Great Czech Navy, by Richard Katrovas
The Turning, by Ricardo Pau-Llosa
No Beautiful, by Anne Marie Rooney
Last City, by Brian Sneeden
The Imaginal Marriage, by Eleanor Stanford

The Octopus Game, by Nicky Beer
And His Orchestra, by Benjamin Paloff

Madly in Love, by Aliki Barnstone
Dear Gravity, by Gregory Djanikian

Spitshine, by Anne Marie Rooney

Scorpio Rising : selected poems, by Richard Katrovas
The Politics, by Benjamin Paloff

The Diminishing House, by Nicky Beer
Admission, by Jerry Williams

Lip, by Kathy Fagan
Cultural Studies, by Kevin Gonzalez

The Grace of Necessity, by Samuel Green

On the Vanishing of Large Creatures, by Susan Hutton

Things I Can't Tell You, by Michael Dennis Browne
Fallen from a Chariot, by Kevin Prufer
Needlegrass, by Dennis Sampson
Groceries, by Herbert Scott
Sleeping Woman, by Herbert Scott

The Van Gogh Notebook, by Peter Cooley
You Don't Miss Your Water, by Cornelius Eady
Basho's Ghost, by Sam Hamill
Freeways and Aqueducts, by James Harms
Prague Winter, by Richard Katrovas
Trains in Winter, by Jay Meek
Tristimania, by Mary Ruefle
Venus Examines Her Breast, by Maureen Seaton

Trouble, by Mary Baine Campbell
A Place Made of Starlight, by Peter Cooley
The Whole Truth, by James Cummins
Taking Down the Angel, by Jeff Friedman
Lives of Water, by John Hoppenthaler
Imitation of Life, by Allison Joseph
Double Exposure, by Sarah Kennedy
Except for one Obscene Brushstroke, by Dzvinia Orlowsky
The Master Impulse, by Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Casino of the Sun, by Jerry Williams

Slow Risen Among the Smoke Trees, by Elizabeth Kirschner
Wind of the White Dresses, by Mekeel McBride
The Memphis Letters, by Jay Meek
The Finger Bone, by Kevin Prufer
From the Book of Changes, by Stephen Tapscott

Lovers in the Used World, by Gillian Conoley
Resort, by Patricia Hampl
Astronaut, by Brian Henry
Mastodon, 80% Complete, by Jonathon Johnson
Trouble in History, by David Keller
Zero Gravity, by Mekeel McBride
Earthly, by Michael McFee
The Faces of Americans in 1853, by Wesley McNair
Ten Thousand Good Mornings, by James Reiss
Glacier Wine, by Maura Stanton
Voyages in English, by Dara Wier

Constant Longing, by Dennis Sampson

The Museum of the Revolution, by Angela Ball
Relativity, by Kelly Cherry
Geographies of Desire, by Gregory Djanikian
Justice, by Caroline Finkelstein
Resort and other poems, by Patricia Hampl
The Devil's Child, by Fleda Brown Jackson
Edge of House, by Dzvinia Orlowsky
The Hollow, by Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Our Master Plan, by Dara Wier

Sacred Conversations, by Peter Cooley
Scattering the Ashes, by Jeff Friedman
The Joy Addict, by James Harms
For the Sleepwalkers, by Edward Hirsch
Clemency, by Colette Inez
Dithyrambs, by Richard Katrovas
Postal Routes, by Elizabeth Kirschner
The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty, by Peter Klappert
Yesterday Had a Man in It, by Leslie Adrienne Miller
After We Lost Our Way, by David Mura
Definition of the Soul, by John Skoyles

New and Selected Poems, by Michael Dennis Browne
Victims of the Latest Dance Craze, by Cornelius Eady
Bitter Angel, by Amy Gerstler
The Patience of the Cloud Photographer, by Elizabeth Holmes
Soul Train, by Allison Joseph
Headlands : new and selected poems, by Jay Meek
Burning the Empty Nests, by Gregory Orr
Swan's Island, by Elizabeth Spires
Growing Darkness, Growing Light, by Jean Valentine

Dyer's Thistle, by Peter Balakian
Beckon, by Gillian Conoley
Vesper Sparrows, by Deborah Digges
The Autobiography of a Jukebox, by Cornelius Eady
Reckless Wedding, by Maria Flook
Colander, by Michael McFee
Skylight, by Carol Muske-Dukes
The Parable of Fire, by James Reiss
Cold Pluto, by Mary Ruefle
Orders of Affection, by Arthur Smith

Lovers and Agnostics, by Kelly Cherry
About Distance, by Gregory Djanikian
Germany, by Caroline Finkelstein
Instructions to the Double, by Tess Gallagher
The Crush, by Gary Gildner
Nude Descending a Staircase, by X. J. Kennedy
Above the Tree Line, by Kathy Mangan
Wind of the White Dresses, by Mekeel McBride
Evening Wind, by Robert Mezey
Selected Poems, by Robert Mezey

A Handful of Bees, by Dzvinia Orlowsky

Trumpeter, by Jeannine Savard

Stars Which See, Stars Which Do Not See, by Marvin Bell
Pagan, by Liubomir Nikolov
Blue for the Plough, by Dara Wier

Tall Stranger, by Gillian Conoley

The Book of Knowledge, by Dara Wier

Some Gangster Pain, by Gillian Conoley

Thomas and Beulah, by Rita Dove

Smoke from the Fires, by Michael Dennis Browne
Far and Away, by Mark Jarman

The Man in the Middle, by Gregory Djanikian
Not Dancing, by Stephen Dunn
A Heart Out of This World, by David James
Earthly Purposes, by Jay Meek
Miracle Mile, by Ed Ochester

Nightseasons, by Peter Cooley
Museum, by Rita Dove

The Yellow House on the Corner, by Rita Dove
The 8-Step Grapevine, by Dara Wier

The Room Where Summer Ends, by Peter Cooley
No Ordinary World, by Mekeel McBride

Carnegie-Mellon University Press's books have won the following awards:

Winner of Devil's Kitchen Reading Award
Admission, by Jerry Williams

Winner of John C. Zacharis First Book Award
On the Vanishing of Large Creatures, by Susan Hutton
Winner of Washington State Book Awards
The Grace of Necessity, by Samuel Green

Winner of Pulitzer Prize
Thomas and Beulah, by Rita Dove