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Books of Interest from Black Ocean

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At Night
Lisa Ciccarello
The 8th House
Feng Sun Chen
The Self Unstable
Elisa Gabbert


Black Ocean General Catalogue

Nests in Air, by Nathan Hoks
Fjords, Vol. 2, by Zachary Schomburg
Pillar of Books, by Moon Bo Young

Sense Violence, by Helen Boberg
Beautiful and Useless, by Kim Min Jeong
Whale and Vapor, by Kim Kyung Ju
Pillow: Selected Poems, by Lee Young Ju
(v.), by Anastacia Renee
The New World, by Kelly Schirmann

Fossils in the Making, by Kristin George Bagdanov
Druids, by Tomaz Salamun
Pulver Maar, by Zachary Schomburg

What Replaces Us When We Go, by Julie Doxsee
Someone's Utopia, by Joe Hall
Daybed, by Zach Savich

Hackers, by Aase Berg
Meadow Slasher, by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Though We Bled Meticulously, by Josh Fomon
L'Heure Bleue or The Judy Poems, by Elisa Gabbert
I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in the World, by Kim Kyung Ju
Lay Ghost, by Nathaniel Mackey
Andes, by Tomaz Salamun
Popular Music, by Kelly Schirmann

At Night, by Lisa Ciccarello
The Absence of Knowing, by Matthew Henriksen
Static & Snow, by Brian Henry
Room Where I Get What I Want, by S. Whitney Holmes
Justice, by Tomaz Salamun

The 8th House, by Feng Sun Chen
The Constitution, by Brian Foley
Century Swept Brutal, by Zach Savich
The Book of Joshua, by Zachary Schomburg

Dark Matter, by Aase Berg
Whittling a New Face in the Dark, by D J Dolack
The Next Monsters, by Julie Doxsee
The Self Unstable, by Elisa Gabbert
The Devotional Poems, by Joe Hall
Swamp Isthmus, by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Butcher's Tree, by Feng Sun Chen
The Moon's Jaw, by Rauan Klassnik
Fjords, Vol. 1, by Zachary Schomburg
Pink Thunder, by Michael Zapruder

Ordinary Sun, by Matthew Henriksen
Destroyer of Man, by Dominic Owen Mallary
The Girl Without Arms, by Brandon Shimoda

Objects for a Fog Death, by Julie Doxsee
Pigafetta Is My Wife, by Joe Hall

With Deer, by Aase Berg
Scape, by Joshua Harmon
Scary, No Scary, by Zachary Schomburg

Holy Land, by Rauan Klassnik

The Man Suit, by Zachary Schomburg

A Useless Window, by Carrie Olivia Adams
Upon Arrival, by Paula Cisewski

Black Ocean's books have won the following awards:

Winner of Oregon Book Awards
Fjords, Vol. 1, by Zachary Schomburg

Winner of Poets & Writers Debut Poets
Butcher's Tree, by Feng Sun Chen